Coconut Lime Loaf Cake

My recipe for this moist and zesty coconut lime loaf cake is so easy to make (let’s face it, I only take on simple bakes). It’s a great alternative to the ever popular lemon drizzle. The coconut and lime flavours impart a tropical vibe, bringing the sun into your kitchen. We can all use a dose of metaphorical sunshine these days!

Coconut lime loaf cake

There’s a trick to bringing out the full taste and aroma of the lime, which is to rub the zest and sugar together to release the lime’s essential oils and infuse the sugar. A microplane / fine grater works well to remove the outer layer of the zest (make sure you don’t grate the white pith – it’s very bitter and you definitely don’t want that in your cake).

I use the coconut milk left over from my coconut rice recipe (you can use a bit less in the rice recipe, so you have 250ml for the cake). Coconut milk doesn’t have a long fridge life after the tin has been opened, so keep it tightly closed and use it in two or three days.

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