1H+K – Vaasa (Finland)

Once in a while you stumble upon the perfect little restaurant that has it all: great food, ambience and service. 1H+K is that place, although it happens to be in Vaasa, Finland so I’m not able to pop in nearly as often as I’d like. However, I did make the most of my short stay and enjoyed dinner at 1H+K twice.



1H+K stands for one (1) room (huone) + kitchen (keittiö) and that’s exactly what it is, although there is a private dining room available (they call it a cabinet). The restaurant (ravintola) is tucked away on the first floor above the Pentik shop but it isn’t part of the store. It’s completely independent and is accessed through the main entrance with its own staircase. However, you can spot the restaurant from inside the shop.



Its relatively hidden premises is part of the charm. It’s like discovering a secret location for those “in the know”. It certainly feels as though it’s the type of place only locals know about, as there is no English version of their website. Fortunately, I was able to find their main menu on their Facebook page that included the English translation. The dishes feature local produce and seasonal cooking, which means that the menu changes a few times a year and remains small (as it should be) with 4 or 5 items per course.


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Osteria Waggon and Horses – Milton, Cambridge (UK)

UPDATE: This restaurant is now closed.

A long overdue lunch date with Naomi brought us to Osteria Waggon and Horses in Milton. Naomi had visited before and was keen to go back. I was intrigued by the innovative menu at Osteria Waggon and Horses. It’s Italian food with a modern twist, steeped in tradition yet evolving into some exceptional culinary creations.

Osteria Waggon & Horses

Osteria Waggon and Horses is a real stand out, not only in Milton. It’s a destination restaurant that’s worth the drive to experience its inventive cuisine.

Osteria Waggon & Horses Collage

Their three course set lunch is a bargain at £15, given the complexities of the dishes and quality of the ingredients. Naomi and I are no strangers to Italy. We both speak the language (I’m of Italian heritage and Naomi lived in Italy for a few years). However, we still had to ask for more detailed descriptions of some of the menu items. This isn’t a negative point as Italy’s cuisine varies greatly throughout the regions.

Smoked Salmon

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